Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Is Final Secret Products?

A: It is a combination of different tried and true products and recipes that have a blend of specific proteins and energy sources designed to enhance muscle deposition and reduce fat deposition while adding volume and definition to muscle when fed as directed with a sound feeding program.

Q: During the show season my animal shows signs of stress can Final Secret Help?

A: Yes! Stress is caused by the reduced feed intake, weather, and prolonged "holding". Final Secret protein powders, Shakes and Top Secret Electrolytes provide a slow release of proteins and energy that gives a fresh, firm feel.

Q: Does Final Secret leave any residues?

A: No , all of our products contain natural ingredients which insures there are no residues.

Q: How long can I feed Secret Muscle Developer?

A: Secret Muscle Developer can be fed the entire time you have your animal with no crippling effect. It should be fed at least thirty days.

Q: Can final Secret help my Goat?

A: Yes Goat Secret enhances appetites while providing of proteins and energy that gives a hard touch. Even the coarsest hair coats develop a rich deep luster after just a few weeks on Goat Secret !

Q: Are meat animal proteins used in any Final Secret products?

A: NO all protein sources come from eqq, milk, rice and soy protein concentrates.

Q: Where can I buy Final Secret?

A: Final Secret is available through our website and selected dealers. These dealers have all used our products and can guide you in using them to gain the advantage you seek. Find one near you by looking on our dealer page.

Q: How can TOP SECRET help my show animal?

A: This product is a unique blend of electrolytes, proteins, and energy sources in a highly palatable mix. It allows for better absorption of the nutrients , and it works to slow down the rate of glycogen depletion. It is a second generation electrolyte, research based and show ring proven.

Q: When should I feed Final Secret to my animal?

A: For best results most of our products should be fed feed a minimum of 30 days before show and beyond if you continue to show all summer.

Q: Can I use Final Secret with all my show animals even though they are different weights?

A: Final Secret may be fed to all weights. But each product is specially blended for specific species.

Q: My Animals looks washed out on show day What should I do?

A: The answer is TOP SECRET Electrolyte! Animals look “Washed Out” because dehydration is an insidious agent of stress in our show animals.

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